Saltwater Fish

There is a special emphasis on Saltwater fish (also known as Marine fish) at The Ocean Floor, considering our name implies as much. When you first enter, you may feel an initial immersion into freshwater, but as you venture further into our depths, the selection of saltwater displays and livestock for sale proves extensive. Besides our 500 gallon central display tank and 1st live rock aquarium (175 gallon Bowfront), you will encounter our 150 gallon coral frag system. Feel free to use one of the floating frag viewers to enhance details and help you choose the right coral frag. Under the tiki roof you will find the 2nd live rock tank (200 gallon cascade), 500 gallons of coral selling, and 2,000 gallons containing fish and invertebrates for purchase.

Additional Information on Saltwater Fish

Though 97% of our planet’s water is found in the saltwater ocean system, only 1% of our oceans comprise the coral reefs where almost the entire selections of aquarium-suitable species are found. The vast majority of fish and invertebrates (inverts for short) are Tropical or warm water. This is our focus, though we do occasionally stock and regularly special order cold water species. We strive to have the best value and selection of saltwater fish available; however we also are concerned with over-collecting and depleting wild populations. This is why you will find an emphasis on sustainability at The Ocean Floor. We have an impressive selection of man-made live rock and you will find many of our saltwater fish and most of our corals are captive bred. We are constantly looking for more captive-bred species to add to our lineup.

Within the saltwater side, there are 2 main systems of enjoyment: The 1st is a Swim Tank where the focus is on fish and usually contains few or no inverts, and the 2nd is a Reef Tank where the focus is on inverts and contains few or no fish. At The Ocean floor, you will find the selection and service to that will enable you to own the right aquarium system bringing lasting enjoyment to your home for years to come. Ask one of our sales associates about having us maintain it for you!

Also within the saltwater department, we regularly stock 2,200 gallons of real harvested seawater in 2 tanks and you can purchase and fill up your containers by the gallon. RO/DI water is also available and is perfect for self-mixing saltwater or regular top-offs. From start to finish; beginner to expert; Nano to Wall-sized, The Ocean Floor is the destination to help you and guide you to Saltwater Success!