Coldwater Fish

The available Species and Popularity of Coldwater Fish is nowhere near that of Tropical Fish (especially in the Phoenix area), but keeping Coldwater Fish can be equally rewarding. Goldfish have long been a popular fish because of their seeming ability to thrive in otherwise adverse conditions. Koi have been very popular as well for use in outdoor ponds particularly in Japanese and other Asian cultures. There are also a number of other differing species commonly sold in the Tropical Fish trade. Coldwater Fish are those found in the Temperate Zone between the tropic line and the arctic line. Because of the zone in which they naturally inhabit, Coldwater Fish are more adept to temperature variance and can usually do quite well without a heater to stabilize the temperature and in some cases a chiller unit may be needed to have success.

Temperate Zones experience 4 seasons, unlike Tropical Zones which maintain a constant or minimal-variance temperature year-round, and the Fish found in those areas are well suited to a wide range of temperatures. Coldwater Fish can range into Tropical temperatures temporarily, but typically don’t remain in good health if kept warm constantly. Temperature plays another role in the biology and physiology of Coldwater Fish because the warmer the water is, the higher their appetite and metabolism is. In their natural environment, the frequency and quantity of necessary feedings for Coldwater Fish will become less and less as winter approaches and then they typically won’t feed at all during the coldest weeks. This may not be necessarily true with Cool Water species that inhabit areas closer to the Tropical Zone, but still experience mild seasons.

The Ocean Floor stocks many species of Coldwater and Cool Water Fish, although some only seasonally, and can order a wide selection of aquarium suitable fish on request when available.

Some commonly and seasonably available Coldwater and Cool Water species are:

  • Comet Goldfish
  • Fancy Goldfish
  • Koi
  • Bitterling
  • Shiner
  • Dojo or Weather Loach
  • Dace
  • Orfe
  • Texas Cichlid
  • High-fin Banded Loach or Shark
  • Gambusia or Mosquito Fish
  • Sturgeon