The Ocean Floor Store is the place to find all of the Supplies you need to keep your tank and fish looking their best.  The supplies we stock include:


Brands we sell:

  • Hikari (fresh and salt water)
  • San Francisco Bay (fresh and salt water)
  • Piscine Energetics (fresh and salt water)
  • Reef Nutrition (salt water only)
  • Live brine shrimp are delivered to our store weekly
  • We feature live reef stew

Tropical Science

Tropical Science is our own featured line of quality aquarium products. Since 1968, Tropical Science Biolabs has specialized in the research, development, and manufacture of superior all-natural water conditioners and aquarium supplies that, rather than suppress life, supply the necessary components to support life. Tropical Science offers over 40 of the industry’s finest products, designed to safely and effectively cycle, detoxify, protect, and maintain aquatic environments.

Tropical Science Products

  • Fish Keeper – natural vitamins and minerals for fish, an immune booster with probiotic bacteria to fight disease.
  • Nitromax – natural high-density nitrifying bacteria.
  • Aqua Chargers – pre-colonized biomedia for reducing cycling time, self-cleaning, maintenance free and never needs replacing.
  • Liquid Gravel Vac – all natural removal of sludge, fish waste, and other unwanted organic pollutants.
  • Pure Carbon – activated charcoal to absorb imperfections from water, odor relief.
  • Amazon Rain – water conditioner for soft water fish enriched with vitamins and natural compounds to buffer water.

Tropical Science for Ponds

  • Nature Filter – concentrated nitrifying bacteria
  • Pond Control – natural sludge removal
  • Pond Starter –  one step water conditioner
  • Winter Prep – winterizing formula
  • Kaytee – premium Koi food
  • Tetra – pond food


  • ESHOPPS – A leading manufacturer specializing in aquarium filtration for the aquatic industry. ESHOPPS is best known for producing a high-quality line of products at highly affordable prices for hobbyists. The Ocean Floor store carries every brand of sump that ESHOPPS makes and manufacturers.

Protein Skimmers

Brands we sell:

  • Reef Octopus



Canister filter brands we sell:

  • Fluval – we carry the entire series of Fluval filters
    fluval 306 canister filter
  • Cascade – we carry the entire series of Cascade filters
  • Aquatop – we carry the entire series of Aquatop filters

Power filter brands we sell:

  • Aquaclear – we carry the entire series of Aquaclear filters
  • Aqueon Quiet Flow
  • Marineland

Tank Supplies

Plant substrate – enriched fresh specific

  • Fluval
  • Seachem/Aquavitro

Tank Supplies We sell:

  • CO2 systems
  • CO2 diffusers
  • Regulators
  • Bubble counters
  • Wide variety of live plants
  • Lighting – The Ocean Floor store features a wide variety of lighting and lighting brands

Pond Supplies

The Ocean Floor features the Laguna brand of pond supplies including pumps and filters.


The Ocean Floor store has a wide variety of lights and lighting fixtures for fresh and salt water aquariums and ponds.

Brands we sell:

  • Kessil – plant and reef lights
  • Aqua Illumination – we sell the entire series of Aqua Illumination lights
  • EcoTech Marine – specialized radion lights
  • Current Lighting – we sell the entire series of Current Lighting lights
  • ATI Lighting – we sell the entire series of ATI Lighting lights
  • Coralife Lighting – we sell the entire series of Coralife Lighting lights


Tanksaquarium with fish

You won’t find a wider variety of salt and fresh water fish tanks anywhere outside of The Ocean Floor store in Phoenix. Fish tanks that are not in stock can be ordered and we feature custom fish tanks. We also feature plants, a huge selection of fish, corral and invertebrates.



Brands we sell:

  • Aqueon
  • Marineland
  • Visio custom tanks
    custom aquarium